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who we are

energy solutions provider

DigiScape is a dynamic multi-disciplinary company with competencies ranging from energy management consultancy services, home & office automation systems, secure and back-up power systems, provision of technical manpower services as well as training and energy advocacy campaigns. We incubate the full suite of energy solutions fused with technology making it simple, easy, accessible and affordable for you. Our solutions are fully certified, approved and designed for the Nigerian environment- Rugged, Reliable and Sustainable.

what we do

Technology-Fused Energy Solutions



Solar Powered Solutions

We undertake a spectrum of solar projects from grid –tie residential and commercial building solutions to off-grid solar and back- up power solutions as well as streetlight solutions ranging from less than 1KW to over 10KW.

energy management

We conduct energy audits and efficiency assessment and advisory services. Our energy management system consists of Assessment Audits and Walk-Through, Reports & Dashboards, Follow-up Campaigns & Advisory.

STEM Impact

Digiscape Foundation for STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics)

Global Goals, Local Impact

The foundation seeks to signficantly increase the representation of women in engineering, manufacturing, IT and Research. Technical and engineering sectors are still male dominated and the pipeline for future talent is currently insufficient to meet future needs. We believe it is a strategy necessary to address ongoing gender imbalance in technical fields and fully transform Nigeria into a Digital Economy. Digiscape has embarked on this having purposed it as a responsibility for the Future of Nigeria.


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