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Electrical Solutions & Services

  • Digiscape provides electrical solutions and services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. These solutions and services may include but not limited to design and installation of electrical systems, maintenance and repair of existing systems, energy management and optimization, emergency lighting and power solutions, and testing and certification of electrical equipment. Our team of experienced and licensed electricians is committed to providing high-quality and safe electrical solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of our clients’ operations.

Rural Electrification & Mini grid Solutions (Off- grid & On- grid)|

We develop and construct clean energy minigrid solutions in communities with limited access to energy. We partner with host communities to light up their communities and train the youth to trouble-shoot and provide first level maintenance of the systems.

Turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (Power Solutions)

  • We undertake spectrum of solar projects from grid- tie residential and commercial building solutions to off- grid solar and back- up power solutions as well as streetlight solutions ranging from less than 1KW to over 10MW. Our main objective is to provide our clients with quality products and unrivaled services, affordable systems designed and delivered effectively, efficiently and promptly.

Building Management Systems

  • Our robust building management systems and automation services helps our clients manage, monitor and control their building solutions whilst connecting with cutting-edge technology to reduce the operational losses and optimize the building efficiency. Our OEM support is 24hrs, giving you an on-line real- time access to your building system.

Facility Management Services

  • Avoid the stress of scrambling to find a repair person when something goes wrong at your site. With a FMS plan, you’ll receive regular maintenance for your equipment and appliances to prevent problems before they start. And if something does break down, we’ll be there to fix it with our 24/7 emergency service. Enjoy peace of mind with protection plans for all your essential systems. Cooling: Air conditioner in top working order, Plumbing: Stop clogs, fix leaks and rest assured that your pipes are flowing freely; Surge protection: We’ll replace or repair your surge-damaged; Devices Electric: Leave home wiring to the experts for your safety and Convenience. Best of all, you can protect all your major systems with our O&M plan. Our Protection Plans Have You Covered & Safeguard the Vital Systems at your facility. 

Project Management, Training and Campaigns

  • Our Solar installation team is well trained and strives to meet the needs of each client in a professional manner. We work with owners, designers and builders to ensure your satisfaction. We also handle all documentation necessary to deliver a holistic solar project. We provide a holistic solution, carefully designed to put you at ease, we offer turn-key solar solutions combined with unparalleled customer service. 

Technical Manpower Outsourcing

  • We offer consulting services, supplying Technical Manpower to clients and providing strategic support to serve your technical project needs. The Digiscape Technical Manpower Services is your flexible, efficient and cost effective option which includes a wider spread of categories available for both short termand long term jobs. We cover all the major and important sectors of manpower to meet the need of external HR support and enable you focus on your core business process. 

Sales & After Sales Support

Electrical Safety is one of the most important things within our lives and now we have a full range of services to help you with this. Are you constantly worried about buying fake electrical parts. Do you trust that electrician that installs your wiring devices or you live in constant fear of fire and blow outs at home? Digiscape has an extensive range of original electrical parts and wiring devices available in stock and with our fast, reliable service and support, we make it easy for you to find and buy what you need.

Solar Powered Productive Use Equipment

  • Our company offers solar-powered productive use equipment for drying farm produce. This equipment harnesses the power of the sun to provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for drying agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices. The equipment is designed to be highly efficient, utilizing the latest in solar technology to maximize the utilization of solar energy. The equipment is also durable and built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-term reliability and minimum maintenance. Our goal is to help farmers increase the value of their crops by providing them with a reliable and efficient means of drying their produce.