Battery Care & Maintenance

Our Batteries Are Built To Last

Batteries are important to the performance of your backup power system; this is because the power used by this system is drawn from your batteries. Hence, these batteries need to be in optimal shape at all times.

Battery Regeneration

At Digiscape, we run ultra-modern workshop and maintenance centres where we regenerate your batteries to extend their shelf life.

Our equipment is specifically designed to analyze and regenerate all types of lead acid batteries. With 80% of sulphated batteries breaking down and losing capacity, we have the right equipment to restore your battery. With our annual maintenance, we can extend the lifespan of your battery and energy assets.

Battery Monitoring

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective, real-time solutions for battery management and remote battery monitoring that protect the battery’s internal state.

Our solutions come with a range of software that allows real-time diagnosis while reporting capabilities to ensure the integrity of your critical battery back-up.

We protect you from costly downtime, help you maximize battery life, reduce maintenance and replacement costs, while keeping your system safe and secured.

Battery Recycling

We collect and recycle lead acid batteries that are 100% recyclable materials. We ensure that all your batteries are tracked and kept in environments are safe. With our battery recycling intervention, we aim to reduce the environmental impact and footprint of used batteries which could be hazardous to humans if not properly disposed.

Our goal is to reduce pollution and promote a circular economy through green energy innovation.