Home Energy Audit

Conducting energy audits on a regular basis helps identify energy waste and identify opportunities for improving energy practices. This can make your working and living environment more comfortable, ensures health and Safety guidelines are met and helps improve communication between your estates department and the people that work in your building. Energy audits are a powerful tool for uncovering operational and equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce energy costs and lead to higher performance.
Energy Audits Identify:
  • No-cost operational or maintenance adjustments that will save energy
  • Short-term, low-cost energy efficiency retrofit recommendations
  • Action plans for energy efficiency capital investments
  • Comfort and issues that can be addressed immediately
  • Opportunities for better adherence to lighting and comfort standard
What we do:
  • We Observe: where/how energy is being consumed/wasted
  • We Determine: where corrective actions are needed
  • We Conclude: where capital investment may be needed to improve energy efficiency