digiscape impact

At Digiscape, we believe in always doing good…

our ethos

While we are committed to increasing shareholder value, we are equally committed to giving back to the society through our various innovative CSR initiatives.

Digiscape Impact is an integrated social impact solution with a goal to make a positive difference in the lives of Nigerians.

Some Digiscape Impact projects include:

Digiscape Foundation for STEM

At DigiScape Foundation, we go beyond providing dynamic energy solutions to our clients to also play a critical role in building the next generation of female leaders in the STEM field.

Through our Foundation, we seek to significantly increase the representation of women in engineering, manufacturing, IT and Research in Nigeria. We empower girls and young women through education, training, and mentoring in the STEM education.

Through this initiative, we hope to propel Nigeria into its full potential, by raising female engineers and innovators that will drive innovation, social, and economic transformation not just for today, but also for the future.

Digiscape Training Centre

Our training center is equipped to teach foundational skills in energy to Nigerians. Students who enroll in any of our courses will be able to jumpstart their personal career or business in energy.

At the Digiscape Training Centre, we break down the complexities of energy management in a way that engages students and is applicable to their daily lives. Our courses are world-class, practical, fun, and led by experienced trainers who have proven themselves in energy sector. We offer professional training on energy efficiency, energy management, energy security, and a lot more.

Digiscape Rural Power Initiatives

In Nigeria, over 60% of her inhabitants live in rural communities and these areas have little or no access to good healthcare and educational infrastructure.  With most of our rural communities deprived of these basic amenities, their standard of living is adversely affected, leaving the rural populace in abject poverty; wherein a vast number of them engage in all forms of crime and exposed to diseases.

At Digiscape, we want to change the narrative.

We are involved in providing power solutions to various rural healthcare centres and rural educational facilities in Nigeria. With this intervention, we have not only helped these communities tackle poverty and other social vices but we have empowered them for a better future.

The children are not left out either!

At Digiscape Training Centre, children between the ages of 9 to 14 take part in custom training that is designed to equip them for life. They learn skills like coding, robotics, designs, and the use of various latest tech tools that prepare them for the future.

Digiscape Scholarships

At Digiscape, we are committed to ensuring that no one is left behind.

That is why we also offer academic scholarship supports to young girls who cannot afford to pay their way through any of the training we offer. Through this scholarship, we identify young, female talents and provide them with full or part-tuition waiver so that they can pursue their dreams in STEM education.

We work with organizations and individuals who share in our mission to make this scholarship available to as many girls as possible.

Our SDG Commitment:


As a company, we are committed to advancing the attainment of the United Nations Social Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 Agenda.

Our model is aligned to not only foster growth for our shareholders but to also contribute to making the world a better place.

We are heavily focused on realizing the following SDG Agendas:

Gender Equality
Affordable and Clean Energy

We are a woman-owned organization, with keen interest in empowering other women in the areas of engineering and technology. It is part of our mission and culture to provide opportunities for more women to be all they want to be through our platform.

At Digiscape, we choose to be the change we want to see.