The first thing that come to your mind when purchasing a home is cutting cost. No more house rents, no more landlord wahala and to a certain level great energy efficiency as you can now have control on your home. But then, We all know that there is a rise in utility rate, and this affects personal activities and productivity.  

However, beyond this high utility rate, there are multiple ways homeowners can improve their own home’s energy efficiency.

Replace High-Energy Appliances with More Efficient Ones

One of the ways a homeowner can enjoy a more energy efficient home is by making use of appliances that consumes low energy i.e., electrical appliances that do not use or burn too much energy.  

Purchasing appliances that consumes low energy will ensure that large appliances like the Television, Air conditioners and washing machine are using the least amount of energy.

Create Energy Saving Habits

Having the basic knowledge about the kind of appliances being used will help a homeowner know how to manage them easily. This can lead to developing healthy habits that can help save energy.   

A homeowner can take up some energy saving habits by following some energy saving tips like:

Switching off unused electrical appliances

Unplugging of wires and used chargers

Go Solar

Solar energy is extremely efficient due to its ability to generate power directly from the sun. As a homeowner, you can work with our Digiscape Audit consultant to determine what kind of energy solution or how many solar panels will be suitable for your home.

Solar energy is also a great home improvement project because it adds value to the property. This means that homeowners with solar installations not only take advantage of utility-related savings but can also enjoy an added benefit when putting their house on the market for sale.

The best way to create a more energy efficient home is to have solar power and it is extremely easy with Digiscape Energy Solutions.

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