DigiScape Foundation for STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering- Mathematics)

The foundation seeks to significantly increase the representation of women in engineering, manufacturing, IT and Research.

Technical and engineering sectors are still male dominated and the pipeline for future talent is currently insufficient to meet future needs.

We believe it is a strategy necessary to address ongoing gender imbalance in technical fields and fully transform Nigeria into a Digital Economy Digiscape has embarked on this having purposed it as a responsibility for the Future of Nigeria.

MANDATE: 10 Male Engineers Train a STEM Girl

Data collated from WHO & UN clearly exhibits a gap in the African Talent pipeline and a considerable disparity in male: female ratio.

Please find below some data:
  • African countries spend $4Billion every year hiring STEM expatriates.
  • On average the level of female human development in Africa is 13% lower than males.
  • Women in Africa face higher level of discrimination and significant disparities in access to social, economic and educational rights
  • In 7 West African cities, there are proportionally more women in informal employment than men
  • The WHO doctor-population ratio is 1: 1,000; in Accra it is 1: 4200 while in New York it is 1: 912.
  • The university enrollment rate in Africa is 7% while the global average rate is 29%
  • In Nigeria, more than 1.7million students apply for university admission annually but only 500,000 spaces available.

The DigiScape foundation is empowering Nigerian girls and young women through education, training and mentoring in the STEM fields, building a pipeline of talented problem solvers to drive business growth while contributing to Nigeria’s economic transformation and development.
Our aim is to identify and nurture young talents in the STEM fields. We provide scholarships for academically excellent young girls and women to earn degrees in the STEM fields across Nigeria.

Statistics has showed that girls lose interest in STEM subject with age and lower level of participation are already seen in advanced science studies. By higher education women represent only 35% of all students enrolled in STEM study.

This ties with digiscape’s vision as a company leading Energy and Technology Revolution in Nigeria and our diversity and inclusion initiative and to developing female talents.

Benefits to our clients:

Please find below some benefits of this strategic partnership:
  • Formally identified as a strategic partner and positioned as leading D&I company in training young girls in STEM.
  • Positioned as a brand interested in developing Nigeria especially female talents.
  • Be recognized as a STEM girls advocacy company.
  • Positioned as a brand supporting and developing Nigerian technical talent and creating a high quality pool for future recruitment.
  • Access to multi-talented female interns.
  • Positive marketing exposure and publicity to customers across Nigeria.
  • Corporate social responsibility: positively Empower 100 girls directly through our support.

In realizing this dream, we propose that for every 10 engineers that is recruited through Digiscape, we would train 1 girl in a STEM course at university level. We would then give our clients a CSR certificate to show their obligations.

In 2017, we collaborated with the a NGO to train 17 teen girls in Renewable energy projects in Abuja.