who we are


We connect our clients with smart alternative power solutions, harnessing the strength of Smart Technology and Energy.


At Digiscape we envision that uninterrupted power in Nigeria is possible hence our mission is to:
Be at the forefront making Renewables, inclusive in the energy mix
To champion the cause for energy efficiency and the secure the gains for our clients
To lead the energy digitization agenda for the future, delivering smart solutions.

We are TechNergy!

Our Values

We are RESOURCEFUL. This is the bedrock of our creativity, we ensure we meet the detailed needs of our CUSTOMER delivering exceptional PROFESSIONALISM in our project management and challenge our PEOPLE to be INNOVATIVE. We reward ORIGINALITY. We inspire the FUTURE.

Our Reach

We are based out of Lagos- Nigeria with partners in different locations within and outside Nigeria, we ensure that our services are connected and always within your reach.

Full Suite Energy Solutions

DigiScape is a dynamic multi-disciplinary company with competencies ranging from energy management consultancy services, home & office security(technology) automation systems, secure and back-up power systems, technical manpower services, training and advocacy campaigns. We incubate the full suite of energy solutions fused with technology making it simple, easy, accessible and affordable for you.

Certified For Nigeria

Our solutions are fully certified and approved and it has been designed for the Nigerian environment- Rugged, Reliable and Sustainable.

Suited to Serve You

Our clients range from small –medium enterprises – IT companies, Project companies, Real Estate, firms, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, schools to residences. We support our clients by delivering best in class tailored solutions effectively and efficiently.


Digiscape Foundation seeks to significantly increase the representation of women in engineering, manufacturing, IT and Research. Technical and engineering sectors are still male dominated and the pipeline for future talent is currently insufficient to meet future needs.

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“ The secret to the successful implementation of this project is simple. We just brought together the best people and understood that we were facing a task that is unique in its scale & ignificance. ”

Robert Downey Jr